5 Year Planning

PYC Redevelopment


As part of our 5-year plan, the Committee has discussed and developed a five-phase concept to lead our club into the future. The Planning Subcommittee has pooled our combined experience, utilising 3D modelling to develop our PYC Redevelopment Proposal for your consideration.


We have now engaged with our members to ensure their engagement. Like with any major change, we appreciate that everyone will have their own view, and we need to ensure that we facilitate and best manage the engagement process both internally and with external stakeholders.


There are two options we intend to put to the members to vote on in due course:


Initial Works - Phase 1 to 3



Phases 1 to 3 – Initial Works – Works to refresh the beachside appearance of the club, enhance the usability of existing space, and provide better access both inside and out with the patio and beach. New side entrance with wheelchair access (subject to council granted access permission), allowing members in the bar vicinity to monitor people coming and going, whilst also creating a better route for those coming from the water, allowing us to consider alternative flooring for our main area. On the north side, allowance for boundary improvements, a covered cycle store and coded gate access, which is safer for our children, as the existing system has little to no security, as well as improving boat store operational security. Budget to improve vessel launch and retrieval. Sustainable solutions already approved by the members such as the Solar Panels. All these works are planned for outside of opening hours, keeping the club open for the members, with as close to business as usual as possible.


Major Works - Phases 4 and 5


Phases 4 & 5 – Major Works (follow-on) – New women’s changing facility located where the sail loft is, with a new better laid out multi-function room in its place. Expansion of the main club area by extension, whilst preserving the character and aesthetic of the railway carriage on the eastern side, relocation of the bar and ancillary facilities. Likelihood for club closure, or sectional zonal closures for sustained periods.


Following consultation, feedback and a mandate from our members, our plan is to prudently obtain planning permission for completion of all phases (initial and major works). However, we wish to assure you that we will not be proceeding into contract with any of the works without first conducting all the necessary due diligence, carefully considering our contractor tender submissions, and having obtained a passing vote of the members periodically at an EGM/AGM.


The Draft High Level Cost Estimate as well as the concept model and plans, are available to view in the club on the notice board opposite the bar.


The Committee welcomes your comments, suggestions and feedback on the redevelopment plans for our club. To provide feedback or suggestions, please do get in touch via email: planning@paghamyachtclub.com or Suggestions Box located by the cloakroom.



Michael Naish RC Planning With special thanks to the Planning Subcommittee


Proposed plans
Front elevation
3D Elevation