Sailing Results

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A good start to this weekend sailing with on Saturday where we saw five boats rigged and ready

to sail.


We had Joe, Scottie and Clive in Picos, along with our new member Jonathon in his Topaz 14 -

his first sail since breaking his hand four weeks ago. Great to have him back with us again!



Additionally, great to see Nick C taking Teresa and Emma out for a teaching session in line with

our Discover Sailing project and also great to see one of our youth members Bertie, similarly

going out with Nick for his first sail of the season. From what we hear and saw, it seems that

they all had fun as well as picking up what they need to do.



Another thanks to Logan for helping RC Kevin on the safety boat.





On Sunday, despite the light winds, we still saw eight boats rigged and launched for racing. All started and finished both of all the Mayday Trophy races and managed to get all boats start and finish the catch-up race of the Spring series. Whoo! Well done to all involved!

However, there was eventful launching with Carol G swan-diving on board the dart 18 and ending

up face first on the trampoline with her butt sticking in the air! That was not my wording – please

do thank RC Kevin for that!

Also, we had our Commodore Paul sailing with Alan F in the Hobie 16. To begin with we firstly

had Alan leaving him onshore. Oops. When finally, Paul managed to board, he almost capsized

the boat. Well, you know, slightly heavy on the rear … may need to watch those carbs Paul.

Great day sailing, no capsizing, all boats started and finished so, well done to all that took part.

Another big thanks to Race Officers Trench and Bob and again, a big thanks to the rib crew David, Jamie and Logan without whom we cannot do our sailing safely.


A great weekends’ sailing!