This section of our club is extremely busy throughout the whole year from just having a drink at the bar or on the beach to organised themed events .  Lots of events will be organised throughout the year, so keep an eye out so you will not miss anything. Come and join us, you are more than welcome!!!!!.

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Unfortunately, there will be no more 'outdoor events' this year. If you do wish to sit outside or inside, WE MUST adhere to to the government guidelines. NO moving between groups. Very sad, but all for the greater good! We can still listen to our favourite entertainment from our tables or – YES< BRING YOUR OWN CAMPING/FOLD UP TABLES AND CHAIRS so you are not connected to your neighbours and we can still enjoy the sunshine and the views. 

Don’t forget that there are huge fines if you break the 6 people per table rule inside or out - and it will be the Club who will pay. SO PLEASE DO NOT BREAK THIS RULE OTHERWISE YOU WILL BE ASKED TO MOVE!!

Face Masks must be worn when entering and walking around the club house at all times